Ilana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth · Aug – Oct 2021 A Meeting That Never Took Place

A Meeting That Never Took Place

A dance performance weaving and embodying the story of a three year collaboration between two dancers who have never physically met.

  • Concept/Performance: Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth
  • Dramaturgy: Célestine Hennermann
  • Lighting Design: Elliot Blue
  • Sound Design: Dina Maccabee
  • Photography/Costume:
  • Videography: Ester Eva Damen
  • Set Design: Joris Berger

In a time where the measure of presence is not closeness, where should my body be? In a time where the measure of closeness is not touch, how do we meet?

As part of our creative practice, each day we have sent a letter to each other reflecting on our experience of rehearsing together in different spaces. Over the period of three months, we accumulated more than 60 handwritten letters of different colors, shapes, and forms. Some of them never arrived. We call them the lost letters.

The letters contained movement scores, drawings, recipes for cakes, anecdotes, fictions of the other. They became the body and material of our meeting that never took place. They became living mediators between you and me traveling across time and space. As I write this letter, I project into your future. As you read it, you sit in my past.

On October 1st and 2nd 2021, “A Meeting That Never Took Place” did take place! Thanks to the great support of Lake Studios and our gorgeous and hard-working team we had a wonderful premiere performing simultaneously on the indoor and outdoor stage. There was a lot of paper involved. More than 1000 meters throughout our entire rehearsal process.

It took a whole day to roll the unrolled paper and fold the unfolded paper again.

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