Katarzyna Brzezinska · Apr/May 2021

I am polish artist/performer/choreographer living and working in between Freiburg-Berlin-Kassel-Wroclaw(PL). My work in Lake Studios Berlin focuses on the research towards a production of a Project “HIN.n.WEIS”, which will continue to develop into four parts : live, visual, audio and virtual.

Within this time here, I am working towards a live/live streamed performance, where I introduce my long term research on embodied/visual/dance performance and poetic body in motion, where the topic focuses from one side : on the Body seen as an archive of constantly floating through the space Informations (visible, invisible, known, unknown, real, imagined, truth and fake…) and from the other on the process of Filtering, Selecting and Decision Making.

An important place takes here as well, seeing the work through the context of NOW within an own Body and NOW within the “Body of Society” …

photo by Katarzyna Brzezinska

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